About Us

At Nsight, we uncover the strategies and ideas that differentiate, invite, and inspire actions.

Our messages are tailored to drive those actions based on a deep understanding of the transactional channels where consumer behaviors can deliver real bottom-line impact—whether for brick-and-mortar stores, e-Commerce solutions, call centers, or brand websites. It’s about moving someone from here to there; from “not my customer” to “my customer”; from light user to heavy user.

As an Epsilon company, we lead and innovate with some of the country’s richest data sets on behalf of our clients, to help identify and profile prospects and customers to boost marketing precision, relevance, and performance. We’re also fluent in the realities and mindsets of the retail world, as our offices are located in the HQ markets of the US’s largest retail brands. For many clients, we work with their retail partners every day, seeking marketing solutions that can achieve mutual growth and success with their shared consumers/shoppers.

We believe in branding for the bottom line. And that makes us, in our humble view, unique in the agency landscape.


Retail Connect

Our senior-level retail strategists are located in the cities where our clients’ largest retailer customers are headquartered. We have strong working relationships with their senior leadership across marketing, merchandising, sales, shopping, and other departments. And we have firsthand knowledge of their ever-changing go-to-market strategies. This intimate knowledge lets us select the right vendor partners to ensure that our ideas work within each retailer’s own systems and requirements. It also helps us create partnership opportunities for our clients with other in-market teams. Being part of the retailer’s HQ community allows us to deliver solutions that truly live at the intersection of brand and retailer strategies.

Storehouse Connect®

Storehouse Connect® is a proprietary system that collects and stores shopper marketing activity across mass, grocery & drug channels in over 60 retail banners. We commonly track in-store displays, shelf-set photos, circular ads, and email and online activities. In addition, we store and update this retail intelligence on a weekly basis, allowing access to the most up-to-date activity in our clients’ categories and retail footprints.


RADAR is a social listening tool that helps us identify and interpret the conversations that are taking place around brands and relevant trends. We go far beyond the typical “mentions” and quantitative views that define most social listening. To help interpret potential meanings—and to create new opportunities for our clients—we bring an Insights professional to our social listening efforts. From finding potential new growth areas, to better understanding what’s working (or not working) with an in-market program, RADAR™ transforms social media into a strategic advantage.

Brand Conversion Idea®

Our proprietary idea-generating process begins with insights from our extensive research and data resources to create a platform that will drive results for the retailer, consumer, shopper, and brand. We use our Brand Conversion Idea® process to create customized, effective strategies that bridge the gap between brand and shopper. The result: we turn casual buyers into loyal customers.

Shopper Lab

Shopper Lab is a proprietary online community of more than 3 million members, segmented by retailer and purchase category. We take the community’s pulse on concepts, gauge behavior, and even drill down to assess attitudes at the retailer level. This is a powerful tool that helps uncover purchase barriers and triggers. Armed with this knowledge, we’re well on our way to developing actionable insights.

Digital Shopper Marketing

Our Digital Shopper Marketing study series, soon to be in its fifth year, identifies how people use digital shopping tools to make their shopping experience easier, faster, and more fun. From self-scanners to QR codes, from downloadable coupons to ratings and reviews, we have the only trended data that shows which tools enable shopper behavior in every category and for every retailer.

Epsilon Data

Being a part of Epsilon allows us to understand the opportunities provided by “big data” and how to activate against it. With more than 35 million households providing survey data on product usage, and extensive compiled data on more than 135 million households, we’re able to target, segment, and model to increase the effectiveness of our solutions.